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International shipping company offer Export shipping from the United Kingdom

Shipping Companies


International shipping company

For many export companies, the logistics of international shipping are complex. But if import and export are critical for your business, a close working relationship with your shipping & forwarding agents is key.

As a highly experienced air cargo & sea freight forwarding company, we can co-ordinate the shipment of your goods anywhere in Europe and Worldwide. That’s a peace of mind for you and a reliable and convenient service for your global clients.


What is a shipping & forwarding agent?


Our global economy increasingly depends on shipments being able to move freely, domestically and internationally. That presents a dilemma for business; whether to expand in-house logistics and freight services at great expense or trust independent and specialised shipping & forwarding agents.


freight shipping


A freight forwarder can handle all the complex arrangements for your international shipping, acting as an intermediary between your business and the most appropriate freighting method, whether by air or sea. That includes dealing with regulations and export documentation, banking, transportation and other logistics.


At Excess Cargo we use our long-established links with truck, air and ocean shipping services to move your goods along the most economical routes and to negotiate the best possible prices. To do this, we balance cost and speed with reliability to get you the best possible service.


What we can do for your business


As experienced shipping & forwarding agents, we can smooth the way when you need to make the most of free movement of goods to Europe and beyond. We can deal with the logistical demands, freeing you to focus on your core business.

In the modern economy, import and export are about so much more than moving goods from point A to point B. We use our professionalism and expertise to ensure that all steps are properly completed so that your exports arrive at their destination safely and legally.

We offer a complete service for bulk carriers, roll on roll shipping that takes into account the differences in international shipping regulations and paperwork, ensuring you’re compliant and legally protected whatever the end point. By sorting out any potential headaches beforehand using our extensive knowledge of supply chains and international freight, we’ll save you time and money and assist with the smooth running of your freight operations on every level including insurance, inventory management, storage, global import and export documentation and customs clearance.

Why use a shipping & forwarding agent?

As a result of our network of relationships with shipping companies and agents worldwide, using our services will deliver the following benefits for your business:

Streamlined logistics: instead of signing different contracts with different companies and dealing with reams of paperwork, shipping & forwarding agents do all the hard work for you. You’ll only have to deal with the contract with your forwarding agent while they sort out the rest.

Troubleshooting: if you’re struggling to meet a tight deadline or you’ve come up against an insurmountable obstacle, you need a freight forwarding agent. We’re skilled in troubleshooting a range of issues that can threaten to derail your shipment and we can get things back on track and running smoothly again.

Cost effective freight: by negotiating with our network of carriers and cargo agents, we’ll find the most cost effective ways for you to transport your goods by road, air or sea. In addition, we have invaluable knowledge and advice for our clients that can result in operational savings across the board.

Hassle free manageability: forwarding agents such as Excess Cargo have one job to do and that’s focusing on getting your freight from A to B, hassle free. That leaves you free to manage your business for greater profitability while your freight fowarder handles the nitty gritty of moving your goods, saving you time, money and energy.

Value added services: as experienced shipping & forwarding agents we can offer value added services that give you the edge on the competition, putting you in pole position when it comes to moving your goods quickly and conveniently.

Peace of mind: say goodbye to tedious admin and logistical decisions. You’ll stay in complete control of the shipping process without having to deal with contracts, vetting processes and negotiations. You’ll enjoy one consistent point of contact, and the knowledge that your international shipping is in good hands.

The Excess Cargo difference

At Excess Cargo, we deliver a one to one service that makes you more competitive in the global market. We provide a range of import and export services including shipping both general cargo and dangerous goods freight, plus road pallet, air freight and ocean cargo services to over 1200 destinations a week.

Our fully independent services ensure the flexibility and versatility you need to choose the most straightforward and cost effective way to ship your commercial goods around the world. By negotiating directly with our network of global carriers, we offer you a streamlined and hassle free service at the best price.

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