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Air freight shipping company from the UK assisting with international commerce of providing air cargo services from London, Manchester airports to Global destinations, including Sea shipping services from the UK to major ports around the world.

Air Freight

Air Freight UK

​Shipping by Air freight from the UK on airport to airport basis has grown exceptionally since 1960, Excess luggage company have seen air cargo and freight grow considerably in the UK since 1998, however air cargo out of the far east especially china air-freight shipments have outstripped all countries in the last 5 years, as the Chinese economy has grown from strength to strength as the volume of general freight, express air cargo.

when it comes to air freight services time is money, and it matters most when you’re shipping international air cargo. Airfreight is the smart way to optimise your global supply chain air freight shipments air cargo and offers some key benefits to your business when you’re importing and exporting globally.


Air Freight Shipping


UK Air Cargo supply chain is set to grow after Brexit well into 2030 -2040 as consumer demands for products and foods stuff, and pharmaceutical grow with the developing world, even with the recent outbreaks of the Coronavirus from the far east. In the early part of 2020-2021, consumer demands will grow globally as demand form emerging economies.

Excess Luggage air freight services can offer a variety of air cargo modes from express air freight Airport to Airport or Door to the airport, door to door service for commercial goods, including dangerous goods our international air freight shipping service includes the collection of your air cargo/freight from the shippers address.


Certain types of freight movement may be limited, due to the nature of the commodity, this may affect the transit time for international shipments from the united kingdom, other hindrance can be shapes and sizes of the air freight/cargo. when sending air cargo overseas you will also have to bear in mind that not all destination are available to on direct services, this, in turn, can mean your goods /commodity will have to travel via a transit point.


Airfreight documentation

The Air freight shipping documentation required for cargo or freight shipments can vary, depending on destination however the most common documentation required is as follow when shipping via air common documents needed for Air Freight Shipping.

  • Commercial Invoice.

  • Export Packing List

  • Consular Invoice.

  • Certificate of Origin.


Door to door delivery is available to most destinations for commercial, business to business cargo, air freight. for more information on how to export your cargo or freight please contact customer service on Tel: 020 8577 0033.

Air-freight shipping and tracking available on real-time :

Air Transport companies

If the fast and convenient movement of goods and packages is important to your business, airfreight is the ideal shipping solution when it comes to transit time.

How air freight works,

Airfreight is critical in our just-in-time world, moving goods quickly and safely around the world. When speed and time are of the essence, this type of shipping gives you the versatility and flexibility to move freight fast, whether you’re working with high-value products or temperature-sensitive ones.

We can ship anything from loose cargo and raw materials to finished products, perishable items and dangerous goods to over 120 destinations in Europe and Worldwide. We’ll help you to determine the best options for shipping your goods by air, based on your requirements and the type of goods you intend to ship. And we can offer a complete freight forwarding solution if you prefer not to have to deal with the logistics of international import and export services.

What types of air freight are available?

We offer three types of airfreight services this includes expedited airport to airport depending on your requirements and the kind of goods you intend to ship our service includes collection and delivery to airport or door as per air cargo service to take:

- Back to back freight ( Airport to Airport): if you need something shipping urgently, your goods will be shipped on the next available flight real-time to your chosen destination.

- Door to airport freight: when you need to move goods as reliably and economically as possible, opt for door to airport shipping.

- Door to door: when you need to ensure the direct flow of goods from the point of origin to the destination with the minimum of delay and interruption, choose a door to door shipping.

Our forwarding agents can help you determine the most cost-effective and reliable means of coordinating your next airfreight shipment.

For more information on air freight shipping please contact our customer service on tel: 020 8577 0033

What are the advantages of air freight?

If you deal with dangerous or time-sensitive shipments, then airfreight is a highly viable and valuable option. This type of shipping makes international trade accessible for small and mid-size businesses and it can give you an edge on the competition when you can effectively deliver your critical freight within a tight deadline.

However, there are several benefits to using air freight, whatever the goods you need to ship:

- Fast and reliable: shipping by air is the quickest way to get your goods to their destination. Time-specific shipments give you a designated pick up time rather than an open-ended window, so your business benefits from more reliable timings. Even when a flight is cancelled or delayed, there’s still another one available to get your cargo to its destination in the quickest possible time.

- Lower operational costs: tighter shipping schedules mean there’s no need for your products to spend time being warehoused. In turn, that saves you money on your inventory costs.

- Global networks: we’ll work with our global network of carriers to find you the best prices on the most economical routes. That means you can ship to anywhere in the world with ease using our end-to-end freight forwarding services.

- Added safety: airports operate under heightened security which means your goods are less vulnerable to theft and damage when travelling from A to B. And because of the direct nature of moving goods by air, it’s easier to track your shipment for complete peace of mind.

What can I ship?

At Excess Cargo, we can help you ship anything from high-value items such as art and antiques to vehicles, cinema screens, engine parts and machinery. We specialise in pharmaceutical logistics for the shipment of time-limited medicines and we can help you to move perishable consumables to minimise any losses from delay in reaching the endpoint.

We can even ship dangerous goods although some restrictions apply. To minimise potential obstacles in the shipping process, our highly experienced freight agents can deal with the paperwork and shipping regulations for you.

How much does it cost?

While air freight may not seem the cheapest option, prices can fluctuate depending on the time of the year, the destination and the dimensions and weight of the shipment.

Airfreight shipping

​air freight cargo, UK Air Freight Companies like excess cargo offer, Free, no-obligation Air Freight quote. call customer service Quote and book your air freight now.

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