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International Shipping from the UK to Australia

International Shipping UK to Australia

At Excess Cargo, we can ship your raw materials and perishable goods to Australia by air or sea. Our cost-effective services allow you to move the goods you need from the UK to Australia, giving you an edge in today's global markets.

We can also offer a range of services for domestic customers that can help you to relocate to Australia or enjoy the trip of a lifetime with the minimum hassle. Leave the logistics to us and our dedicated shipping services will do the rest.

International Shipping from the UK to Australia


If you’re in pharmaceuticals, food and beverages or you wish to ship dangerous materials, you need to send your goods to Australia via air cargo. This is a vital option for any global business which needs to move critical goods fast.

We’re also experts in international removals and can offer excess baggage and other courier services that can make your relocation Down Under a breeze. We’ll deal with Australian Customs on your behalf and ensure that any delivery to Australia arrives safely.

Because of the significant logistics involved in shipping from the UK to Australia, you need to work with a company you can trust. We’ll give you peace of mind by making the shipping process straightforward. You can get an instant quote at our website or contact our team who’ll be happy to help.


Door to Door shipping by air or sea to Australia


Australia is the world's 6th largest country and ranks as one of the 10 largest economies. Shipping volume to Australia grows exponentially year on year and is expected to grow even further in the future as UK - Australia trade relations continue to expand. If you’re breaking into this exciting market, you need a reliable and trustworthy shipping partner which ensures that your goods get to their destination.

Australia has one of the most highly mobile populations in the world and its major airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane between them serve nearly 100 million travellers a year. Surrounded by three oceans and bounded by modern ports such as Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth, Australia is one of the largest modern shipping economies.

At Excess Cargo, our agents are highly experienced in the logistics of international shipping from the UK to Australia and can help you choose the most cost-effective or efficient routes for your goods to reach the Australian market.


What is freight forwarding?


As a freight forwarding business with experience in European and International Shipping from the UK to Australia, Africa and Asia we’re experts in the import and export of any type of goods. We’ll negotiate the transportation of your goods worldwide, dealing with all necessary paperwork and ensuring that time-limited goods and products reach their destination in a timely fashion.

We can make the import and export side of your business run smoothly, insulating you from any unseen costs or other nasty surprises. We can help you to move anything from general cargo to dangerous goods to over 1200 international destinations by air or sea, offering peace of mind and helping you to navigate the complex processes involved.


Air freight to Australia


Our expert team can make International Shipping from the UK to Australia a snap. Our air freight services offer you a vital link in the global logistics market, allowing you to benefit from the rapid flow of goods right into the heart of the Australian market.

Whether you need just-in-time shipping of raw materials or careful transportation of perishable or dangerous goods, our export air freight services will ensure that your goods arrive in a timely fashion, whether you’re a commercial organisation or a private individual shipping high-value items.

We make the entire process simple and straightforward and we’ll advise you on the right services to use:


- Back to back freight is sent direct from the airport to airport and is the smart choice for urgent shipments.

- Door to airport is the economic solution and suitable if the recipient works with their own customs agent.

- Door to door takes care of your freight from the pickup point directly to the recipient and is a good choice for express cargo and when you need to know your shipment is taken care of every step of the way.


Shipping by sea to Australia


Commercial ocean shipping offers competitive rates and the options to send Full container Loads for door to door service (FCL), Less than a Container Loads (LCL) or part load freight to any destination in Australia.

Because of the time scales involved, sea freight is a cost-effective way of moving commodities, raw materials and finished products around the globe and we offer sea freight transportation for a wide range of commercial products, manufacturing goods and household items.

We’ll deal with all the logistics of shipping your containers to Australia, including all paperwork at the port of entry for complete peace of mind that your goods won’t be refused. We offer door to port and door to door logistics as well as the all-important Australian customs clearance as part of our fully featured end-to-end service.


International shipping for your business


Our cost-effective International Shipping to Australia from the UK is the smart solution for your business, whether you’re an established enterprise or a small business looking to expand your import-export horizons. Our competitive rates make import-export an achievable business goal when you’re aiming for growth.

We offer air, cargo and road shipping options to destinations in Europe and worldwide, giving you the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective and reliable method of sending your goods to Australia and beyond. And with weekly departures to hundreds of destinations, our one to one service ensures that your shipments always get to where they’re going.


Moving to Australia


Emigrating to Australia is the dream of many British expats for the weather, food and outdoor lifestyle. The most popular cities are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and international shipping to these destinations using either air or sea freight is a snap.

If you’re relocating to Australia, we can help with your international removals. We’re specialists in international ocean freight and we offer competitive rates for our regular weekly forwarding services to Australasia.


We can handle all your furniture and other large household items in FCL or LCL freight. For other heavy items including cars and trucks, other freight methods may prove more suitable and we have specialised roll-on roll-off sailings to Australia. You may also choose to air freight your items which is the fast and smart way to transport your personal belongings to your new home.

Door to door courier services to Australia


We can offer a more cost-effective service than Royal Mail when you need to send a parcel to Australia. Through our parent company Excess Luggage UK, we can provide door to door courier service to Australia, transit times can be from 2 to 4 working days subject to Australian customs with an instant quote based on the weight and dimensions of the parcel you’re sending.

Please note that there are prohibited items you won’t be able to send in parcels to Australia including flammable liquids such as alcohol and perfume. Before you book a parcel delivery to Australia, please check with the Australian customs authorities as there are a significant number of products you won’t be permitted to send to protect the Australian ecosystem. These include fresh fruits, plants and seeds and anything made from wood. A full list can be found here https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/can-you-bring-it-in

Excess baggage shipping to Australia

Whether you’re relocating to the Southern Hemisphere or enjoying the trip of a lifetime to the Great Barrier Reef, our excess baggage services can help you arrive in style. If you prefer to have no restrictions on the amount of baggage you travel with, our luggage shipping service allows you to avoid the hassle of the check in queue.

You can relax knowing that you won’t have to worry about excess charges which can go through the roof. And because your luggage will be waiting for you at your destination, you can start to settle in as soon as you arrive in Australia.


Peace of mind tracking

Whatever you’re shipping to Australia from the UK, you can track your cargo, air freight or luggage on every step of its journey. All you require is the Master Airwaybill (MAWB) reference that’s included in your confirmation email. We’ll also include your agent information and flight number to make tracking your shipment easy and straightforward to do.

Once you’ve located the MAWB reference, simply find the airline from the list on our website and click the link. You can then track and trace your shipment with ease.

Get your free quote

At Excess Cargo, we have years of experience in air, sea and road freight. We know export logistics can be a demanding job but our agents have the skills and experience to make sure that everything runs smoothly and our network of specialist global carriers can ensure that our International Shipping service from the UK to Australia and beyond meets your needs and expectations.

For a free quote, please use our website or call our customer service team now. We’ll help with everything from export logistics to international removals and parcel delivery and ensure that your goods, products and personal belongings get to their destination in Australia with minimum hassle and maximum peace of mind.

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